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Made In Idaho products – Vogel Farms

We offer several Huckleberry products and Soup and Bread mixes and use these in many of our gift packs.   We now are offering these for you to order online to pick up with your order or have them delivered to your house.    You might want to add Bacon and eggs with your Pancake or waffle mix with syrup.  Make it a great breakfast.   You can also had ham or cheese to the soup mixes to add a little flair.  The possibilities are endless!

Vogel Farms Wild Huckleberry Brownie Mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is two of my favorite flavors, Huckleberries and Chocolate all married into a chewy tasty brownie. Nothing tastes better than a warm brownie just from the oven and the huckleberry makes this brownie even more special. Wild Huckleberry brownie $8.95


Vogel Farms Wild Huckleberry Waffle/Pancake Mix W/Syrup

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yummy Huckleberry waffles with warmed Huckleberry syrup.  The smell of this taste treat sensation will get anyone out of bed! Wild Huckleberry waffle/pancake Mix w/syrup $8.95


Apple Pancake Mix



There is nothing more refreshing than an apple!  This pancake mix will not disappoint!   Coupled with Apple Syrup (next item listed) some eggs, bacon or ham and you have a breakfast fit for a king! Apple Pancake Mix $7.95


Vogel Farms Apple Syrup

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This light and refreshing syrup goes really well with the Apple Waffle/Pancake mix or you might want to drizzle a little over some vanilla ice cream.  Apple Syrup $9.50


Vogel Farms Hearty Mountain Whole Grain Pancake Mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A lovely pancake mix that tastes even better if you use our Wild Huckleberry Syrup, Apple syrup or one of our other flavored syrups.  Whole Grain Pancake Mix $6.95


Vogel Farms Wild Huckleberry Syrup

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ok this is so good you can just drink it, but it is a better idea to use if on top of some pancakes, ice cream or angel food cake Wild Huckleberry Syrup $9.50


Vogel Farms Huckleberry Honey Mustard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a great dipping sauce.  You could use this to dip pretzels, chicken wings, or as a sauce over pork roast or chicken or even eat a spoon of it! Huckleberry Honey Mustard $9.95



Vogel Farms Honey Mustard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a great dipping sauce even without the Huckleberries.  You could use this to dip pretzels, chicken wings, or as a sauce over pork roast or chicken or even eat a spoon of it!  Honey Mustard $6.95


Vogel Farms Black Raspberry Ginger Pear Conserve

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This conserve has such a unique flavor that you cannot get enough of it. Dab a little of this on your toast, English Muffin or croissant in the morning and it will get your day started on a great note! Black Raspberry Ginger Pear Conserve $8.95


Vogel Farms Red Raspberry Rosemary Peach

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is also a delicious jam to add a little pizazz to your breakfast.  Tired of the standard grape, strawberry or raspberry jam – try this to mix things up a bit. Red Raspberry Rosemary Peach $9.95


Vogel Farms Wild Huckleberry Jam

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wild Huckleberries on an English muffin or spread a little cream cheese on a bagel and top with Huckleberry jam – makes me hungry just thinking about it. Wild Huckleberry Jam $9.95


Vogel Farms Critter Litter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This makes a great gift from the farm! It is a wonderful mixture of Candies and Chocolate covered fruit and nuts. The packaging is so cute and jokingly implies that the “critter litter” comes from the animals on the farm! Critter Litter $6.95


Vogel Farms Cranberry Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookie Mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This not only makes “home made” cookies easy, but it also makes it easy for all of us “non-bakers” to impress our friends with home baked cookies. Cranberry Oatmeal white chocolate cookie mix $8.95


Idaho Potato Soup Mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A great and easy way to make no-fail creamy Idaho potato soup.  You can make this plain or add some crispy bacon or ham from Vogel Farms or onion, celery or carrots and even a little shredded cheese.   Anyway you fix it – it is good! Idaho Potato Soup mix $7.95


Hearty Cornbread Mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a great compliment to the Potato soup or make it to accompany a big pot of Chili.  The sweet taste of corn bread is always better with a little honey and butter on it. Hearty Cornbread Mix $7.95


Idaho Potato Pancake mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This pancake mix is a griddle cake mix for Breakfast pancakes that are even more fluffy because the mix includes Potato flakes.  Try these with some of our syrup mixes.  Yummy! Potato Pancake Mix $7.95


Vogel Farms Leftover Turkey Soup mix

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We have the perfect way to use some of those turkey leftovers.  An easy soup mix with spices and a wild rice mixture.   Perfect soup on a cold winter day. Wild Rice Turkey Soup Mix  $8.95