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Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys

2020 Season –  Price reduced from $4.35/lb or $3.95/lb due to COVID -19

We are sold out – Once we fill the orders on our waiting list and if we have any extra birds we will be posting the number and sizes available on Facebook by November 21st.  


How to order:

  • Go to the bottom of this page and choose a weight range for your turkey.
  • When you enter your order it will show the maximum price for that range at the full price of $4.35/lb. (price reduced to $3.95/lb for 2020)
  • Don’t Panic, when we process your order you will only be charged the $15 deposit
  • You can pay your deposit by credit card (at the time you enter your order), send a check or stop by the store.
  • The final cost of the bird at pick up (Thanksgiving week) will be calculated on the actual weight of the bird at the price you qualify less the $15.00 deposit that you already paid.
  • We will be ordering the Turkey chicks early this year so we can get them back up the size you are used to, with an average weight of 18 to 20 lbs.

Important details about our Turkeys:

  • Our birds are only fed NON GMO feed and never fed antibiotics
  • Our fresh turkeys are never fully frozen and have been butchered within a few days of you picking it up
  • All birds are $4.35 per lb (price reduced to $3.95/lb for 2020)
  • All reservations require a $15 deposit which will be deducted from the total when the bird is picked up
  • We offer delivery for a $20.00 dollar fee
  • You turkey will arrive ready to cook “de-feathered and cleaned”
  • Giblets and the “Popes Nose” are included
  • Fresh Turkeys cook much faster, check our recipes for cooking instruction
  • Your Turkey must be used or frozen within 15 days of butchering

  Turkey Picture Fresh 15 to 20 lbs $3.95/lb
20 lb Turkey $79.00
($9.00 savings)
Turkey Picture Fresh 17 to 22 lbs $3.95/lb
22lb Turkey $86.90($8.80 savings)

Turkey Picture Fresh 20 to 25 lbs $3.95/lb
25 lb Turkey $98.75
($10 savings)
Turkey Picture Fresh 22 to 27 lbs $3.95/lb
27 lb Turkey $106.65
($10.80 savings)
Turkey Picture Fresh 25 to 30 lbs $3.95/lb
30 lb Turkey $118.50
($11.50 savings)
Turkey Picture Fresh 30 lbs and up $3.95/lb
30 lb Turkey $118.50
($11.50 savings or more)