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Vogel Farms 

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9501 Robinson Rd.
Kuna, ID 83634


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Vogel Farms raise our pork on a diet of GMO free corn specially ground for the pigs.  One of our prides in our production of the beef, pork, chicken and turkeys is we not only raise the animals so they are in our constant control. Our Animals are never fed animal byproducts, antibiotics, hormones or secondary feed.   It is our philosophy to raise all our animals as close to a natural environment as possible and not in a high volume feedlot.  We also believe that all animals should be treated with dignity and respect.  Most of the feed that our animals eat is grown in our fields that you will see when you drive down our lane. 

All of our meat is USDA inspected at Meridian Meat and Sausage , vacuum packed, fresh frozen without any additives.   The tenderness of the cut depends on where it comes from on the pig.  Tougher cuts come from muscles that are used in the movement of the animal, where the tender cuts come from less used muscles.  But there are tricks to make the tougher cuts tender by the way they are cut when served or by marinating them for several hours to break down the fibers in the meat.