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Vogel Farms 

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9501 Robinson Rd.
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We raise our chickens using the same methods that we use in raising all of our animals, as naturally as possible.  Our chickens are always fed GMO free feed, they are housed in roomy barns as well as have plenty of space outside where they can take dirt baths, eat bugs and what ever else they get out of the dirt.  We raise our chickens year round so it is important that they have plenty of room to get out of the hot sun or cold freezing winds.   They have a barn, large barnyard and covered area outside with misters so they can enjoy the summer without getting too hot.   It is the chickens choice where they want to go. (In the  freezing winter they seem to part their butts in the barn and will only leave when coaxed out with food! )

We also raise our chickens so that they are at least 12 weeks old, rather than butchering them at 6 to 8 weeks.  This gives us a nice plump chicken naturally without using any additives.   Try a Vogel Farms Chicken and you will find out just how flavorful a chicken can be!