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Rib-Eye Steak

This is the King of grilling steaks, a rib-eye is marbled to perfection and is tender and juicy. Try marinating  the steaks in a really stout beer over night and season before grilling them. Add a little blue cheese butter on top when they are done. Vogel Farms rib-eyes comes with 2 steaks per package and weigh an average of 1 lb per steak.  If you are looking for a extra tender, extremely juicy steak then you will want to buy one that is really marbled.  We do have steaks from leaner animals or grass fed that will have very little marbling but you will have to follow special cooking instructions to ensure they are not too chewy.


Rib eye Steak

  • GMO free
  • 2 steaks per pack, Bone in
  • Vacuum packed for freshness
  • Fresh frozen
  • no additives, preservative or filers
  • Feed raised at Vogel Farms
  • Approx 2 lb pkg
$14.99 lb
Average Pack – approx $29.98

*all prices are plus tax and subject to change

*shopping cart prices are average pack weight times price per lb and will differ from the actual bill