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Vogel Farms 

Country Market

9501 Robinson Rd.
Kuna, ID 83634


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Our Cows are Fed GMO-Free feed grown on Vogel Farms.  Our Cows are born and raised on Pasture grass and supplemented with Alfalfa Hay and GMO-Free corn ensure our beef is fork tender and very flavorful without a wild game taste.  We have a small herd of 17 mother cows, and 1 bull.  We treat our animals with dignity and respect and they do not live their life in a high density feedlot


  • All beef is cut and wrapped at Meridian Meat and Sausage
  • All meat is USDA inspected
  • All Cuts are vacuum packed
  • There are no additives, Preservatives, or fillers (exception is the Al’s beef stick)
  • All of our Ground beef is tested in a lab for E Coli


We are committed to maintaining high standards in raising our animals so you can feed your family and friends only the highest quality of beef from Vogel Farms!