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All Idaho Gift Packs & Baskets

Our “All Idaho ” gift packs and baskets are filled with some of the best products available by our local artisans.  If it is not from Idaho then it is NOT included in one of our Idaho gift packs. Did you realize there was so much more to Idaho than just potatoes? Our “All Idaho” gift packs showcase some true Treasures of Idaho.  Homemade by Dorothy has some of the best Huckleberry jams, pancake mixes, and hot cocoa around.  Dorothy’s daughters continue to grow her legacy by producing quality jams, mustard, bread, cookie, muffin mixes and continue to develop products that would make Dorothy so proud. Ballard cheese is an award wining dairy and Stacie, Steve and Travis put their heart into making the best cheese and cheese curds available.  Their cheese always adds that special touch to our gift packs. Al’s sausage is so good, Rene keeps up the the family tradition and makes the best sausage around.  Wagner’s mustard has the taste of old fashion mustard’s with NO sugar added.  Bob Wagner also takes great care to make sure he uses only Idaho products.  If you like mustard you will LOVE Wagner’s mustard. We have so many more products that it is impossible to list them all.  You just have to come out and see us to see what a variety of treats Idaho’s artisans can produce!   Helpful Hints for ordering your gift pack!

  • Scroll down the list of our pre-packed gift packs and just click “Buy Now” by the one you want to order. If you want to order more than one then just click on the “continue shopping button and go back to the product type you want to order.
  • If you want us to include a card in the pack, please make sure to include what you would like us to say.  There is a comment section available on the order form.
  • If you want us to ship the gift pack – please make sure to complete the information on the “shipping address” which is located on the order form.
  • Following the gift packs there will be two options for shipping.  Local Delivery or Mail Delivery.  Please make sure to check the one if you want us to ship the item.  We ship all of our gift packs by priority mail through the post office and track all deliveries.


Breakfast for Two – Huckleberry

Huckleberry breakfast for twoBreakfast for Two  – Huckleberry Breakfast for Two – Huckleberry

  • Huckleberry Pancake/Waffle mix with Syrup
  • Huckleberry jam
  • Huckleberry coffee
  • Huckleberry hot chocolate
Breakfast for Two



Huckleberry Heaven


Huckleberry Heaven



Huckleberry treats to please anyone!

  • Huckleberry Scone or muffin mix
  • Huckleberry Candy (2 Types)
  • Huckleberry fudge or caramel
  • Huckleberry Tea
  • Huckleberry coffee
  • Huckleberry Hot chocolate
Huckleberry Heaven


Huckleberry Heaven Deluxe

huckleberry heaven - Deluxe


Huckleberry Heaven  Deluxe

All the wonderful huckleberry flavor – just a lot more of it with the delu

  • Huckleberry Brownie Mix
  • Huckleberry Scone or Muffin Mix with Jam
  • Huckleberry fudge or caramel
  • Huckleberry Syrup
  • Huckleberry Tea
  • Huckleberry Coffee
  • Huckleberry Hot chocolate
  • Huckleberry Candy
Huckleberry Heaven – Deluxe


Thinking of You


Thinking of you

Thinking of you



A perfect way to tell someone you are thinking of them/

  • Smokey Beef, Summer Sausage or Cooked Salami
  • Gourmet mustard
  • Block of Ballard Cheese
  • Huckleberry Candy or Vogel Farms
  • Caramel Corn.
Thinking of You $31.95

Snacking Delight


Snacking delight

Snacking Delight



This is a great option for a big hearty gift with lots of variety! A great way to let someone know just how special they are!

  • 2 of the following: Smokey Beef, Summer Sausage or Cooked Salami
  • Gourmet Mustard
  • 2 Cheese curds
  • Deluxe Ballard cheese
  • Huckleberry Candy
Snacking Delight$46.95

Warm and Cozy

Warm and cozy This gift pack will melt anybody’s heart,  with this warm and wonderful easy to make meal.

  • Potato Soup Mix
  • Corn Bread mix
  • Potato Bread
  • Habanero Jelly
  • Candied Jalapeno’s
Warm and Cozy $43.95

Breakfast for Two – Apple

Breakfast for two - Apple A lovely Breakfast with a little extra two of Apple.

  • Apple Pancake mix
  • Apple Syurp
  • 2 Packages of Hot Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Apple Butter
Breakfast for Two -$31.95

Special Gift Pack “Taste of Idaho”

Taste of Idaho

Taste of Idaho

Give some potato soup and  corn bread mix, in a holiday container.  Regular price $23.85 on sale now for $18.95



Taste of Idaho  $18.95

Box of Cookies

Box of Cookies 3 Dozen Christmas cookies, such as Peppermint Shortbread,  Coconut butter, Huckleberry Shortbread and many more.  Packed in a box just waiting to be consumed!   Cookies are made to order and are fresh! Box of Cookies -$18.95

Mail Delivery

 Mail delivery Packages are send Priority Mail and arrive within two days in most cases. Mail Delivery $16.00

Local Delivery

 Local Delivery We deliver locally in the Treasure Valley (locally is 20 miles from Kuna in any direction. Local Delivery $15.00