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Vogel Farms Farm Fresh Eggs!

We are the largest small farm egg operation in the valley that  not only raise our chickens in a humane and natural environment but we are committed to offering you eggs from chickens who are never fed GMO Feed. .Kids egg washing

We raise our laying hens in the same manner as our Meat birds.  The birds have access to a barn with plenty of laying boxes, room to spread their wings and rows of roosts for them to sleep during the night.  They are able to roam about freely inside their barns and outside in their barn yard and have plenty of dirt to scratch in, or take a dirt bath or two.    Our eggs are collected 3 times a day, held in a cooler, washed, candled and graded every Monday.  Our eggs are graded but are not sized,  so you will get a variety of sizes with each dozen eggs you buy.

Our chicks start out in the hot room with brooders.   The chicks can move about freely, when they get chilly they go under the brooders, when it gets a little warm they can move about outside the brooders until they cool down. Once they outgrow their brooders they roam about it the hot room. This is the area where the birds will get acclimated to the outdoors and be given the opportunity to go outside for the first time. (This can be a challenge when the weather is freezing) They always have access to clean water as well as NON GMO feed that we grind/mix ourselves on the farm.  Once they reach 4 months they are ready to move to their barn and barn yard where they continue to mature.   They will begin laying their pullet eggs between 5 and 6 months and it still is exciting to see that first egg.

We raise a variety of chickens so our eggs will vary in color from light brown to dark brown with a few blue ones thrown in.  If you are looking for the old fashion taste of Farm Fresh eggs then you simply have to try some Vogel Farm’s eggs.


Grade A or B Eggs

  • Grade A or B
  • Multiple sized eggs