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Goat Cheese

Wild Country Nubian simply has the best goat cheese in the valley.  If you have not tried one of these ask for a sample next time you are in the store.  Once you taste this cheese you will be hooked!  Be sure to order in advance to make sure we have stocked your selected flavor.


Garlic and Chive

 wildcountry_garlicchive Chevre flavored with a chive, garlic and onion blend of herbs.  This is another wonderful flavor with a subtle garlic overtone.  A very popular blend. $7.50 each

Herb Du Provence

 wildcountry_herbsduprovince The Chevre log rolled in “herb du Provence” herb mix.  This aromatic herb blend marries well with the Chevre cheese.  It was the healthful properites of the herbs together with the attributes of the cheese.  This is one of the best sellers.  Great with wine, as all are. $7.50 each


“Poppin” Chili

 wildcountry_popinchili This flavor was added by popular demand.  This red chili popper blend has a little after-kick.  Not too hot at first with an interesting little bite to follow. $7.50 each



 wildcountry_italianchevre This is a bold garlic mix with sun-dried tomatoes and a little onion.  Definitely for garlic lovers! Try adding this on pizza at the table for a little extra! Our other most well like soft cheese. $7.50  each


Lemon Lavender

 014 a delicate dessert cheese! The zesty lemon complements the creamy chevre, and the slightly bitter flower rounds out this treat. $7.50 each


Raspberry Habanero

  wildcountry_rasphabenero Sweet with a kick, great dessert chevre. This would do well on a hot homemade sweet bread or bagel $7.50 each


Subtle Chevre

 wildcountry_subtlechevre a creamy milk chevre with no “goaty” overtones, a soft spreadable cheese great for eating with fresh bread, crackers or on bagels! Use in place of traditional cream cheese.  A healthy alternative being made from milk not cream so having 75 calorie per ounce.  This is around 30 calories less than most similar cheeses. $7.50 each


Holiday Delight

 wildcountry_subtlechevre Our special Holiday chevre is an outstanding blend of orange zest and bits of cranberry. This flavor does not overpower the cheese.  It makes the palate dance.  Truly a Holiday delight. $7.50 each