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Ballard Artisan Cheese


Idaho Cheddar Cheese

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Naturally aged, Ballard’s Idaho White Cheddar was developed a full, rich flavor and Cream taste.  It can be served simply with Crackers, as the star ingredient in your cheese souffle or savored with fruit and nuts for dessert. Serve with Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Syrah or medium-bodied Merlot. $5.25 1/2 lb
Average Pack – approx $5.25

Idaho Golden Greek “Grillin’ Cheese

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Salt water or brine is used to preserve the Halloumi Cheese.  It has a salty, Tangy flavor and springy texture similar to Mozzarella.  Due to its high melting point, Halloumi may an excellent grilling cheese as it browns without melting.  Grilled Halloumi is an excellent appetizer or an addition to any main course. $8.25 1/2lb
Average Pack – approx $8.25


Holy Swiss

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Baby Swiss as opposed to traditional Swiss, is that it is aged only for 2 or 3 months.  Whereas old fashion Swiss is typically aged for several months, time varying depending on the desired sharpness of the cheese. $7.50 1/2lb
Average Pack – approx $7.50


Truffle and Salt Cheddar

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ritrovo Italian Regional Foods, American Cheese Society Award -winner Ballard Family Dairy partners with NA SFT SOFI Gold Winner Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt Cheddar.  They have combined Italian Black truffle of Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt with their naturally aged Idaho Cheddar to make the perfect wine-tasting or grating cheese. $12.00 1/2 lb
Average Pack – approx $12.00


Hot and Spicy Pepper Cheddar

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA An Excellent combination of peppers that give the cheddar cheese a fiery taste $5.25 1/2 lb
Average Pack – approx $5.25


Idaho Jersey Gem

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A very mild and creamy cheddar $5.25 1/2 lb
Average Pack – approx $5.25


Idaho’s Danish Pearl (Gouda Style)

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Idaho Danish Pearl is an incredible tasting experience; this cheese offers a smooth and velvety tasty delectable Gouda.  Idaho Danish Pearl offers a favorable experience whether you are craving sweet or savory.  This cheese is delicious with fruits like apples, pears, or berries or try it in your favorite cheese sauce. $5.25 1/2 lb
Average Pack – approx $5.25


Boise Milk Yellow Cheddar

 cheese curds and block cheese A creamy milk cheddar in two lb bricks $4.99/lb
Average Pack – approx $9.98



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*shopping cart prices are average pack weight times price per lb and will differ from the actual bill