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9501 Robinson Rd.
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Dinners, Farm to Table and Cooking Dinner parties

Cooking Dinner parties  

We are offering a unique cooking class where everyone participates in the preparation of the meal learning new techniques, once the dinner is prepared then we will enjoy a sit down 3 to 4 course meal.  Classes are limited to 6 to 8 people.   We will be cooking Asian inspired meals with pot stickers, Hot and Sour Soup and Minced Pork and Tofu.  Italian inspired with home made pasta, pesto or marina sauce with a yummy dessert.  There will also be comfort food specials like Jacobs bread (Cheese soufflé ) with salad and sour cream raisin pie.  German cooking will include Sauerbraten, traditional Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancake), Red Cabbage and green apples, and spätzle.

When we schedule a dinner we will post on Facebook as well as send a newsletter.  There will be a link on both that you can click to sign up.  All classes will be first come first serve but if there is a huge demand I will schedule a second or third class to make sure everyone gets a chance.  Prices will vary depending on the meal contents and cost but will range between $35/person to $65/person.  Cooking dinner party classes are year round.


Farm to Table Dinners

We are hosting 6 Farm to table dinners Spring through Fall.  You will not have to do any work in for these meals.  We will do it all for you, showcasing the meat, fruit and vegetables from our farm and produce and dairy from local farms.