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Farming Classes

Farming and Agriculture classes

We have our 9 month Till to Grill Class which is explained in detail below.  However we are going to be offering individual classes on topics covered in the till to grill class for those who just want to learn about a specific aspect of farming but not the whole picture.  We will offer individual classes on the following:

Gardening – to include starting your own plants by seed, what, when and where to plant for the area and hopefully answer all your questions so you can have a productive garden. (This may be split into 2 sessions)

Food preservation – This class will deal with the high level discussion of Food Preservation. (detailed instructions on preserving food will be offered in our cooking classes) You will want this class before you plant your garden.  We will talk about all the things you can do with your harvest all year round covering canning, drying, and freezing. This class will help prepare you for the harvest.

Raising Chickens:  This class will discuss the do’s and don’ts in raising Chickens for eggs.  We will also discuss Meat Birds as well as Turkeys.

Other classes will be available and the website will be updated.  As with all of our classes we will post an open class on Facebook and send out a newsletter.  Both will have a link where you can sign up for the class.  We will also have the current classes listed on our website.

Till to Grill Class

We will provide a  hands on experience where you will participate in all aspects of food production. From plant germination to harvest.  From chick to butcher. From milk to cheese, butter and yogurt.  You will also receive instruction on nutrition as well as practical experience in the greenhouse and garden.

Class will meet every other Tuesday for 2 hour secession’s. For a total of 4 hours a month.  Classes will begin in February and end in September.

Special Field Trips will be offered that are in addition to class hours.

The class will end with a celebration dinner for our families prepared by our students using all the foods they have grown or raised throughout the class.Chickens

This educational experience is brought to you by the following two farming families:

Vogel Farms is a 5th generation farming family that specializes in raising all natural, GMO-Free meats and eggs.

Cabalo’s Orchard is a 3rd generation farming family specializing in fruits and vegetables using all natural and organic practices.

Together Debi and Cathy can provide a comprehensive understanding of what  goes into raising food, where your food comes from and how to make healthy nutritious choices.

If you want to sign up, scroll down to the bottom of the page.Mom and Calf at Vogel Farms



We start at the beginning by choosing the seeds and plants that we will grow.  Learning about germination and the plants life cycle.  We will learn basic nutrition and start planting in greenhouse.

February (cont.)Kids egg washing

Our chicks arrive and it is time to talk about animal husbandry and how protein is an important part of the meat group.  We will not only be working with the baby chicks but we will also start transplanting in the greenhouse.


March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb but that does not slow down the work on the farm.  It is moving day for the chicks.  We need to build a cold frame and plant cold loving seeds.  We will also find time to discuss the Vegetable food group.


April Showers bring muddy days and the field work must begin.  We will watch as the corn is planted , build a potato box, tend our early vegetables and find out what happens as we finish with the chickens.


Spring is in full swing, the apple trees are blossoming and now we start the garden in earnest.  We will be learning about the mulch layer and transplanting tomatoes, peppers and herbs.  We will build a carrot  box. We will also find time to study pesticides, fertilizers, soil types as well as types of farming, honey production and the Fruit food group.


As the heat of summer arrives we study “Eating by the Seasons” and “Eating Local.”  We will build tomato trellis, weed gardens and finally  get to harvest peas and spinach  We will learn to read labels, recognize artificial preservatives and study the Grains and Cereals food group.


Now is the season for the Amber waves of grain.  We will be able to watch some grain being harvested.  It is time to study the Dairy food group and  make some butter and ice cream.  We can also see some Aqua Culture in action.


Cathy is showing everyone how to can pickles with the help of her grandkids

Cathy is showing everyone how to can pickles with the help of her grandkids

The harvest season arrives in earnest and it is time to harvest and preserve food, We can experience making Cider and all students will beasked to help out at our Corn and Pickle Festival.


Now it is almost Fall and we will pick some apples and dig potatoes, start sprouts, and make mayonnaise.  Now is also time to review and prepare for family dinner.


The Best Final Exam Ever

 is Dinner for our immediate families prepared with the bounty produced by your students in the till to Grill Class!!

Call contact me with any questions by Phone 208-466-6928 or by email debi@vogelfarmscountrymarket.com.




Til To Grill Class Sign up

What a labor pool

What a labor pool

Till to Grill

A monthly fee will be collected during the first week of the month.  This fee includes all materials and instruction.  Family rates available!



The cost will be $50/ Month, all supplies provided.

Class is open to students 10-80 years of age

Classes will be held Twice a Month on Tuesday

Class size is limited to 8 students per class

All Students are expected to participate fully in every class and dress appropriately for all weather conditions.  No open toed shoes. Long pants suggested. Always have gloves, a coat and hat available, every class we will be outside!!

Choose from the following class times:

Tuesday 9:00-11:00

Saturday 9:00 – 11:00

Classes must have minimum of 4 students or you will be asked to move to another class time.