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Vogel Farms 

Country Market

9501 Robinson Rd.
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About Our Family

First Generation: 

Vogel Farms was established in 1950 by Edwin and Wilma Vogel. They moved to Kuna Idaho from Nebraska ready to embark on a new adventure with their two daughters, Caroline and Mary and son Eddie. Like most small farms of the era Edwin and Wilma Vogel had a small herd of dairy cows, some hogs, and a few beef cattle. Edwin was one of the few farmers to plant corn in the valley and also raised hay and wheat. The first generation Vogel’s were able to make a comfortable living on the farm. Things were much simpler— factory farms existed but were not dominate—Genetically Modified Crops were still 50 years away, Fast food was not a staple, Kids actually played outside and TV was a luxury.Vogel Farms Pics

Second Generation:  

Caroline and Mary grew up on the farm, but once they graduated they ventured off to the “big” city of Boise and both embarked on careers outside of the farm. Eddie was bit by the farming bug. Once he graduated from Kuna High School he started to help his dad on the farm.   He worked for a few seasons at the Sugar Beet Factory but his heart was in Farming. Eddie bought his own farm a few miles away from the main place, married and had 4 kids. Eddie and his dad grew and farmed over 300 acres. The small dairy gave way to the expanding hog operation.   Eddie and his first wife went their separate ways and Eddie was suddenly a single father of 4 kids. At the same time his father became ill and Eddie found himself living back on the main farm. Wilma helped Eddie with the kids, and Eddie helped his father . After his father passed Eddie stayed on at the Home place and together with Wilma the main cook, he raised his 4 kids in the comfort of their little farm. Things were not always easy with the price fluctuations of the 80’s. They stuck together and kept the farm together.

In the mid 90’s a girl (Debi) from Seattle came to visit her parents who decided to retire in Idaho. One Fall day she went to a Pig farm for a tour. She found the farm fascinating as well as the farmer, Eddie.   The rest is history. In 1998 Debi moved to Kuna from Seattle, married Eddie embarked on her new life in Idaho living on a farm! The Farm was going to experience quite a change in the new Century!

Third Generation: Vogel Farms Sunset

Charlie, Ben, Janell and Jake grew up on the farm and helped Eddie with Every aspect of farming possible.   Charlie loved Tractor work, Ben loved working with the pigs, Janell loved irrigating with her dad as well as working with the pigs. Jake being the youngest was pretty good at getting out of work, but when all the other kids left home, he pulled his share!   Each of the kids, one by one left to find their own passion and careers. Although none of the kids stayed on the farm both Charlie and Ben stayed in the Agriculture field. The farm got a shot in the arm with the new full time farm hand, Janell‘s husband Chris always dreamed of farming and when he met this family his fate was sealed. By the time Chris joined the farm, the hogs were the main income and had grown to over 2500 hogs per year. Something felt wrong, it was 2004, the only way to maintain the volume of hogs was to give them  A steady dose of antibiotics. The only way we could remain competitive was expand and that was not what we wanted to do. We decided to decrease the number of hogs significantly add beef, chicken, turkey and eggs and sell directly to the customer. The idea of the country store was born. We started with a simple store and have expanded to three buildings filled with farm fresh products and unique gifts. We also have a greenhouse and raise popcorn.   We are committed to raising our animals with all NON GMO feed, as well as naturally like nature intended. It took several years and a lot of help from the kids but we did it. Transformed our hog farm into a Country Market with petting zoo.   Offering NON GMO all natural healthy meat directly to the customer and one of the best selections of gifts and home décor one can find in the treasure Valley.

Change takes many years and the only thing constant is change. We continue to grow and change our business to make your visit to our farm a fun and memorable experience. Our little Country Market continues to grow and so does our family. This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2013 and we have one more grand-daughter born since then. This takes us to the next generation.Vogel Farms Grandkids

Fourth Generation:

The fourth Generation is still growing, but has slowed down a bit! But this generation has brought in so much fun and excitement!   Never a dull moment at the farm when the grandkids are around. They all started out fascinated with collected eggs and could not wait to help Papa. Then Egg washing was the next challenge that each of the kids were looking forward to doing. But like all kids they do prefer to play. But they help out when they are told and are great sports about it. Many time you will see them eager to give you a tour of the viewing zoo or helping your out to your car with your groceries!

We have started a new Chapter at Vogel farms in 2017 when Eddie passed away after a very long battle with Cancer.  Eddie’s dream was that Vogel Farms would become a “century” farm where the same family continuously farms the land.  Chris, Janell, the boys and I are committed to making Eddie’s which come true.  In order to do this we are changing our focus a bit.  We will continue raising our farm fresh meat, eggs and vegetables however we will be adding farming, cooking and craft classes, Farm to Table Dinners and more events throughout the year.   Like us on Facebook, sign up for the newsletter, follow us on instagram and keep up to date with all the fun at Vogel Farms Country Market.

We hope to see Vogel Farms continue to grown and become a fun filled shopping stop for your grocery and special gift needs.   Thanks for your interest in our farm and our products.